Hakem Değerlendirme Süreci

1. Author submits manuscript to the journal.

2. The journal screens the manuscript.

3. Suitable? Yes or No

No: The manuscript is rejected outside

Yes: Peer-Review, The paper is sent for peer review to two or more reviewers.

4. The reviewers check the paper and share their comments and recommendations with the journal editor.

5. The journal editor checks the reviewer's report and recommendations.

* Accept without changes (very rare)

* Revise and Resubmit (Major revisions)

* Revise and Resubmit (Minor revisions)

* Reject

6. The journal editor asks the author to make relevant changes.

7. The author revises the paper and sends it back to the journal.

8. The reviewers check the paper once again

9. The journal editor makes a final decision about the manuscript.


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