Author Guidelines

Manuscript Style and Format

APA Style (the style set by the American Psychological Association, sixth edition) is used for text references and notes. To be considered for publication, manuscripts should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt., 1.5 spacing throughout with margins of 2.5cm. and should not exceed 20 pages.

Submission Requirements
1. Aksaray University Journal of Sport and Health Researches (ASUJSHR) publishes only original works that have not been previously published and that are not under consideration by any other publication. Manuscripts will be sent to at least two referees and they will be sent back to the authors for any corrections when necessary.
2. Each submission must contain the following components: Title page, abstract (Turkish and English), keywords, main text, references, appendices, tables, figure titles, figures, notes and correspondence addresses. Tables, figures, pictures and graphics should not exceed margins. For this reason, they can be written with a smaller pt. (9-11pt.) and with single spacing.
3. Authors are responsible for opinions expressed in the article. Articles published in the ASUJSHR should only quote by showing references. Manuscripts submitted to the ASUJSHR will not be returned whether they are published or not. 
4. No fee will be given to the authors publishing in the Aksaray University Journal of Sport and Health Researches (ASUJSHR). All rights are reserved after manuscripts are published.
5. Due to our publishing policies, from time to time some of the data and analysis programmes may be requested from the authors.

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